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This past Saturday night, with Sav and G in tow, ventured out to Bay View for a semi-underground, VERY unforgettable 5-course meal by Dontaye Ball, aka Good Foods Catering of Alemany Farmers Market fame. For me, it all started with a lot of Twitter buzz, then with this article, and after trading tweets and emails […]

It’s been a week since I left the desert, and I can still feel the heat.  My ears rang for 2 days before stopping.  The bruises have healed & my tan is already fading (perhaps due to my exposure to fluorescent lighting LOL). Coachella.  An unforgettable weekend that came and went so fast!  I’m doing […]



Hello World! I’ve been away, in more ways than one. So much to talk about! Watching the last few minutes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and unless I fall asleep at the computer (again LOL), there will be quite a bit of blog to chew on. In the meantime, I have to ask: Do you […]

In case my first post about bacon didn’t give it away, most of what will be posted here will not be pleasing to vegetarians and vegans. I love a good hunk of meat.  (Insert inevitable innuendo here.) I bring this up because in my kitchen there is a rib eye steak from Prather Ranch, well […]

45 days


Could you go 45 days without bacon? Bacon is one of those special things in life.  It’s one of those “viagra” words in food, like “truffle”, “fois gras”, or “fried”.  Chances are if you’re deciding between two items on a menu, the one with bacon will win.  If both have bacon, there’s gonna be negotiations […]