For the love of Bacon


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This past Saturday night, with Sav and G in tow, ventured out to Bay View for a semi-underground, VERY unforgettable 5-course meal by Dontaye Ball, aka Good Foods Catering of Alemany Farmers Market fame.

For me, it all started with a lot of Twitter buzz, then with this article, and after trading tweets and emails with Dontaye my friends and I were fit in for the 1st of 2 seatings.

The short answer is, It’s all about the bacon.  A cynic might say, “C’mon, bacon isn’t that hard to get right.  & everyone loves bacon.”  No no no no.  You need to try THIS bacon.  It’s smoky, a little sweet, it’s thick cut, it’s got a little something special that you can’t put your finger on…until you realize that it’s completely free of nitrates/preservatives.  Think I’m crazy?  Ask someone that’s had fresh-caught fish or eaten a salad with garden-t0-table veg.  Little things mean a lot.

So the format is 5 courses (the 5th being dessert).  Dontaye opens up his home to the guests, and tables are set on the bottom floor.  One of his sous chefs reminded us “Feel free to tweet between courses,” picture-taking was encouraged, and the room was easy like Sunday morning.  Obviously we were all paying for this privilage, but it really felt like a dinner party.  I wish I’d kept the card showing the wine selections — they were mostly Spanish or South American, and the Cava was goooood.

The slideshow is in chronological order, and I’m glad I managed to take pictures of each course!  Without getting too gushy, they were all great, but my highpoints for each course were:

  • 1st course: the spicy sweet kick of Eat Slow Jams with the bacon…velvety cauliflower soup chockabok with bacon flavor
  • 2nd course: the bacon “bits”, hands down. we all agreed that the grilled romaine, while delicious, was just a vehicle for the bacon, LOL
  • 3rd course: the seared smoked pork belly…damn.  all over the room you could hear people say “Oh my God” and “you won’t need your knife”. right before the course went out, Dontaye rolls up to us with a ziploc container and says “Smell this.”  BACON DUST.  I’m pretty sure he explained how it was made, but was too drunk off the smell to remember.  Ferran Adria would’ve been happy.
  • 4th course: “long-cooked greens” with bacon jus…the greens were perfectly cooked, and I think I could’ve done shots of the jus. Seriously.
  • 5th course: waffle. bacon. ice cream. bourbon.  ‘Nuff said.

I very gladly bought packs of the bacon to take home, packed in airtight bags for enjoyment/sharing in very the near future. ($7 per pound)

So if you didn’t know before, you do now.  Good Foods Catering is the bizness.  While Dontaye has done other dinners, he said that this was the first of what will (hopefully!!) be many All Bacon Dinners.  Follow @goodfoodscatering on Twitter, swing by the market where he & other great folks are pimpin’ delicious slow food.  And try not to miss out the next time!  (p.s. – his twin boys are adorable! meeting them was a fun bonus.)


2 Responses to “For the love of Bacon”

  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve been hearing about bacon non-stop lately – but I don’t mind at all. The meal you describe sounds almost sinful, pork is truly underrated and I must visit the links you posted. I am forever grateful for this blog article :)

    • Thanks for stopping by! There was actually a 2nd All-Bacon Dinner which I missed due to scheduling conflicts. But I will happily report back about the next one!

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