Tick tock…


“What do you call it when everything intersects?”
“The Bermuda Triangle.”
Sleepless In Seattle

I can hardly believe that today is June 23, 2010. (It’s been almost 2 months since my last post…eek, which almost sounds like what you say in Confession…but I digress!)  Halfway through the year and it feels like it’s been such a blur.  It’s exactly the scenario I dread.   Boredom can be cured, but living in a vacuum is dangerous.  Madisyn Taylor recently called it “living subconsciously”, a combination of survivalism and “hiding behind technology”.  Either way, something’s gotta give.  What the hell have I been doing the last 8 weeks??  Don’t panic, I’ll just do a Cliff’s Notes version:

I took a few meetings about possible joint venture projects, none of which led to more than a few emails before a 2nd meeting that didn’t happen.

I had fun showing out-of-town guests how awesome it is to live and eat in the Bay Area.

Watched some movies, read a few books, and left work on time most of the time!

I helped one of my friends cook her very first meal from scratch!!  Now THAT was awesome.

The whole thing came about during a visit I had with my Very Busy Friends.  I call them that because, well, they are!  They’re fun, lovely, dynamic, successful young business people with a handsome young son.  Due to their relative proximity to Papalote, some other friends and I made our way over to their house with a heavy buzz and some burritos.  I vaguely remember the conversation going from “We never see each other enough” to “Let’s have dinner” to “It’d be cheaper for us to eat in” to “We rarely use our kitchen” to “I can show you how to make some stuff”…”For real??? OK!!”

Several text messages and about 2 week later, I was back at their door (daylight this time) with groceries and a game plan.  We went over basic pantry staples, how to pick most veg and fruit at the store.  Empowering her to take an active role and do a lot of the prep and cooking took much much longer.  But the reward was soooo much better!  We roasted chicken breasts on the bone, used some of it for salad and the rest in a white bean & chicken soup.  We roasted salmon filet in a foil package with green onion, ginger and soy.  And since it was late and we were starving, I showed her the basic components of a vinaigrette.  The smiles on their faces when we were done, and the pride with which she described what was on the table was AWESOME.  It had amazed me that someone so accomplished found the process of cooking so intimidating, so out of reach.  They were already on the right track, making baby food for their son.  But now this is a whole new level, and I’m so happy for them!  If it means that one night week is one less night with take-out, I call it a great start.

Speaking of take-out…I fell into a bit of a rut.  A lot of weekends away from the house meant no weekend trips to the market, or even a grocery store.  And after a few days I decided to see how the other half lived for a while.  I ordered from here and there, all types of cuisine, sometimes single-portion and others à la carte so there’d be leftovers.  I learned that I could never live like that.  I found that, when done on a consistent basis, it’s a very lonely thing to eat take-out every night.  I have this image in my head of Miranda from Sex and the City, getting “laughed at” by the girl in the Chinese restaurant because she ordered the same food all the time.  Those who know that episode also know that she wasn’t directly being laughed at.  But still…there’s a lonely component to the whole thing.  I still gravitate to the creative process of making food for oneself and others.  And frankly, there aren’t a lot of places I can afford to order from that don’t make me a little kuckoo crazy over time.  So much over-salting and sugar and corn starch!  Blechhh.

I came to realize that I took my previous post, after Auntie Pearl’s funeral, too much to heart…doing the “viva la vida” thing…and then veered off-course along the way.  There was a sense of focus very much lacking.  Rather, the focus was definitely there, but on too small a space.

Time to get up off the dirt.  Clock’s ticking.


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